Micah Lynn



This project was part of a semester long class looking into designing a product, print materials, and branding for a company. In this case, Concept Skateboards was born. This company is focused on delivering high-quality, well designed skateboard decks based on boutique collection prints.


Deck Design


This project began very broad and open-ended, so it was difficult to hone into an initial design. Exploration of different skateboard designs began once I found my idea, but nothing was of the same style.


The owl design ended up becoming a favorite and quickly gave me the idea to expand upon it. Slowly, Origins (series 1) was created.


Concept's first deck designs consist of three series: Origins (animals juxtaposed with patterns from their areas of origin), Shift (color transitioning geometry), and Old School (branded boards with vibrating complimentary colors).

Print Design

For the print material a view book was created to display the skateboard decks. Most of the work here was done on editing the images to go inside and then a little layout.

Web Design

The last piece of the project was to build a website which was my first experience designing for web.